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Q: What if I don't like any concepts?

A: She never gives up! Together you will dream and create until you love what you see, but if a year passes by and it still doesn't work for you, then a fair and reasonable service fee will be negotiated, depending on the amount of work completed.

Q: What if I already have a logo and I just want it updated, tweaked, made over, pampered?

A: We all love a makeover! Send her a message with details of what you'd like changed and she will send you an individual quote.  Same goes for those who want a simple typographical logo without all the frou frou. She doesn't mind a wheel and deal and she definitely doesn't bite. Just ask!

Q: Will she design a website, packaging, brochures, my best friends wedding invitation for me if I say 'pretty please, just for me'?

A: No. Sorry! She spends most of her time making logos, so it is not easy to squeeze in other projects. However, there may be times when she is accepting new clients via Gigi & Lulu. No harm in asking, but (pretty) please don't be disappointed if she says 'no'.

Q: What if I need a certain file size, format or layout way after we are done?

A: No problemo. She will create your requested file, at no charge, any time in the future. Best friends forever. Cross her heart.

Q: Does she design for anyone, anywhere?

A: Of course! Although she is based in Melbourne, Australia she often designs for peeps all over the world. It's easy, as all communication is made via email. The best part, for half the globe is she works while you sleep. Wake up, roll over, check email...surprise! Note the package price ($500) is listed in Australian Dollars and all international clients will be invoiced via Paypal.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit? 

A: Nope. As you get to know her you will see how much she hates admin. Less is more for her! So, you will be invoiced at the completion of your project. She trusts you're good for it.